Nadine Priessnitz

Affiliate Consultant


Three years ago, after I started asking myself the questions "who am I", "what do I want" and "how can I implement this", I realized that I am not alone in asking myself such questions. And because I know how beneficial it is to ask oneself these questions and also how difficult it is to do this alone, I decided that I would like to support other people in doing so. This is how I found my way to personality and leadership development. At the same time, I see big potential in companies too. Frederic Laloux, the author of „Reinventing Organizations”, has summarized my belief in three points: self-management, the search for wholeness, and evolutionary meaning.  If companies can change their corporate cultures in this way, employees will have a sense of purpose in their work again and thus increased satisfaction both professionally and personally.


Before aergon

I studied business administration with a focus on international management and innovation management. I have already lived, studied and worked in various countries throughout the world – including Denmark and India – and gained professional experience in international companies and start-ups.


Besides aergon

I have been living in Munich for one and a half years now.  I am currently working with two colleagues in a start-up, developing the digital coach Whol.e, in order to enable more people to achieve sustainable personal development.  I love socializing, reading (especially novels and academic literature on the subject of personal development), running and painting (particularly large format with acrylic).


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Nadine Prießnitz

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