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    Review your behaviour patterns and use your emotions to actively shape relationships and develop into the person you would most like to work with yourself.

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    Why aergon? 5 good reasons



    We are driven by the desire to make things as good as possible for everyone. Always a bit more. And we love what we do so much that we would carry on doing it even if we no longer needed to work!


    We always have an open ear and are keen to learn. Whether we are giving a training course, are travelling, are at a tech, marketing or innovation conference, or are on the production floor at one of our client’s sites.


    We always strive to understand, regardless of whether we are in a board meeting or on the shop floor, talking to Gen-X or Gen-Z, communicating with emotionally or more factually oriented people, in an industrial setting or visiting a design studio.


    We use mental models to strip psychological and philosophical topics down to the essentials, making them understandable, interesting and easy to apply.


    We have been working with managers and their teams since the late 1980s. We have therefore seen and experienced a vast array of different situations, and are able to combine our experience and sensitive approach with new technology and the latest research.


    • With a great deal of clarity, humour and know-how, Beate is currently preparing the ground for our cultural transformation. She finds exactly the right approach for different personalities and management levels, and is creative when it comes to suggesting new approaches. Anyone who wants to develop themselves and their company is in excellent hands with her!

      Thomas Simon, CEO PARAGON Customer Communications DACH & CEE
    • Beate is a very structured, focused and experienced executive coach. She comes straight to the point, knows what she is talking about and has a good sense of humor. What I particularly like about her is that she gives enough room for the coachees to develop own attitudes and solutions for their issues. In the center of Beate’s coaching are values. She has a wealth of experience with organizational transformations, change management and leadership coaching. Beate it very keen (and savvy) on new technology and enjoys working with “tech people“ who themselves get along very well with her. 

      Alexander Gebauer, CEO Allianz Real Estate West Europe, Member of the Executive Board Allianz Real Estate 

    • Beate and aergon perfectly understand how to grow managers and how you can identify ways to grow your managers and team members, based on authenticity and leading by example.

      Dr. Dirk Abendroth, CEO CUSTOMCELLS GROUP
    • Being able to assess the rather soft and diffuse factors of a corporate culture has also made it possible for colleagues with a rather logical disposition to get a good introduction to the subject. The culture survey enabled us to find out which values and behaviors are important to our employees and managers and which are currently having an impact. The evaluations of the different divisions, as well as my personal 360-degree feedback, were a stepping stone into intensive dialogue with my colleagues as managing directors, but above all with my managers and employees. This has given us a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other and the factors that are necessary for a successful future, which I regard as very valuable.

      Werner Zirlik, Director of Division Media Distribution, MELO Group
    • Over a period of several years, the entire management team at Berufsbildungswerk Waiblingen underwent an outstanding, multi-stage program of transformational leadership with Beate Junginger. Through a very good mixture of professional input and practical exercises, as well as implementation tasks and telephone coaching between the workshops, we have achieved extremely positive and tangible effects in leadership quality. Many managers reported back that it was the most effective and best advanced training in their career to date.

      Roman Hanle, Managing Director, Berufsbildungswerk Waiblingen gGmbH
    • Aergon, and specifically Beate Junginger, supported me significantly throughout a very demanding transformation and helped me to lift the management team to the next level of trust and success. The collaboration was extremely thorough and personally enriching for all of us.

      Dr. Marco Ferber, CFO init innovation in traffic systems SE
    • Working with Beate Junginger has brought about positive, sustainable change to the leadership culture in my department. aergon facilitates the transformation towards better leadership, providing support at an individual level by making people aware of their own strengths and values and giving straightforward feedback – in a unique and inspirational way, which is both effective and caring. My managers and I look forward to working with aergon again on new projects!

      Ulrike Zeiler – Member of Board and CHRO Allianz Versicherungs AG

    Best Practice

    10 tips from experience for a successful culture transformation


    1. A vision is the starting point

    If you have an image of the future with emotional traction, you can align your strategy with it and give the entire team a clear raison raison d'être. They will then be committed and able to mobilise energy even in challenging times. In this way, the company can retain valuable employees and become even more attractive to potential applicants.


    2. Change always starts at the very top

    Those who demand change from their employees without changing themselves will fail. It is not only about being a role model, but also about shaping paths through behaviour, clear rules, processes and communication in such a way that employees can follow the paths without having to constantly think about what is expected.


    3. A transaction is not a transformation

    When trying to solve a problem, the first step for managers is to actually do something: adopt measures, start projects, introduce interventions – always looking outwards. And if these don’t yield the desired results straightaway, the manager will either carry on doing more of the same or try a different approach. This is often the quickest road to success (-> see Energy Paradox graphic). But transformation involves doing things differently, and for this you need to have a clear view of yourself and a steady hand to select appropriate transactions.


    4. Grass does not grow faster if you pull on it

    Managers prefer to achieve good results quickly, and this is what makes transactions so popular, even if they are often not very sustainable. It usually takes time for a corporate culture to change noticeably: patience, a few setbacks, confidence and the willingness to adjust the strategy every now and then are prerequisites.


    5. People come and go

    Following cultural transformation, new employees will need to come on board. But sometimes a desired candidate will decline a job offer or only stay with the company for a short time, and long-standing and very valuable employees may leave. But even if it doesn't feel like it at the time, this is a good sign!


    6. Communication means talking

    In order to not only support change, but to help shape it as well, it is important for employees to understand why changes are necessary and where the company is heading (see Vision). And this requires more than a few intranet articles, emails, PowerPoint presentations and town hall meetings. A considerable amount of discussion is needed here, also in an informal setting, between line managers and their teams. Over and over again.


    7. Appearances can be deceptive

    For any company, it is important that its external presence, i.e. the claims made on its website, in its advertising, on social media, in presentations, in brochures, at town hall meetings and in press releases, are more attractive than the reality – to a degree. But if the image portrayed is too unauthentic, this will lead to cynicism and sooner or later the corporate culture and thus productivity will start to erode.


    8. Turn players into participants

    In most modern companies, buzzwords such as agility, empowerment, diversity and sustainability are liberally thrown around. Yet, many decisions are still being made by top management alone, instead of by individual teams devising their own solutions, developing them together and reaching a decision. This approach would be quicker and would transform the buzzwords into a living culture.


    9. Celebrate success

    In the face of so much ambition and lofty aspiration, many achievements are no longer recognised as such or are overlooked in the stress of everyday life. However, nothing brings teams together more than shared success. We are not talking about excessive praise or a lot of fuss about nothing, but simply a little bit of mutual appreciation, pride and joy can really boost team spirit.


    10. Transformation is no walk in the park

    Personal transformation can be arduous and painful: discovering weaknesses in yourself instead of only in others, receiving critical feedback instead of only giving it. And just when you think you have reached your goal, new obstacles and setbacks always crop up. Resisting the temptation to take a shortcut via the transaction or switching to the factual level and operational issues is exhausting, but it is well worth the effort (-> see graphic: Energy Paradox).

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