Anouk Harde

Affiliate Consultant


Taking responsibility for myself and my actions was something I was taught from an early age. The older I get, the more I wish that self-responsibility would play a greater role in our society and for each individual. For me, this is the counterpart of consumerism or, in extreme cases, the victim attitude. I strive to promote my beliefs through my work in personality and team development.

In my own life and when I look at the world outside, a second value plays an equally important role for me. And that is curiosity. Our world is characterized by complexity and a state of flux. Curiosity helps me to approach this with an open mind and joy. With curiosity alone, I am able to acquire new skills and deal with innovative technologies. The good news is that there is no longer one undisputed expert; what counts instead are those who continue to learn, to follow progress and to become experts time and again.


Before aergon

After studying organizational psychology, I worked for several years in a company specializing in management, team and personality development. Having dealt intensively with the topic of blended learning in my role, I decided to change my focus in terms of content. I therefore went to London to do a master's degree in human-machine interaction.


Besides aergon

For one and a half years now, I have been back in my apartment in Munich-Giesing. I like to relax by cooking, practicing yoga or watching my cat sleeping. However, I devote most of my spare time to my start-up Whol.e, which enables personal development without a human coach.


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Anouk Harde

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